About Us

Amazonhealthcare.co.uk was formed out of a collective vision of two individuals who believed from very early on that growth and evolution leading to the build up of an extended enterprise are crucial to the survival and profitability of a business venture.

Through this website we have tried to demonstrate the direction of an evolution process, which, on complete implementation, could transform Amazon Health Care Inc. from its current state to one of an advanced, customer-oriented online natural products wholesale/retail organization.

We believe that the ultimate goal of Amazonhealthcare.co.uk is to provide a comprehensive Amazonian Herbal Products Center, Amazonian Herbal Products Center which members of the community can avail of to assist them in their daily lives.

Amazonhealthcare.co.uk certainly seeks to partner with organizations and individuals in achieving these goals and has laid the foundation to build strategic business and technology relationships.

The company has catered to the United Kingdom market for over 10 years and has made a strong presence in the international market in the last 10 years. The company now offers its products in more than 20 countries with a strong and expanding consumer base for its products. The company has 3 management staff working in its central office located in Toronto Canada.

The company has one of the best-consolidated retail/wholesale outlets for natural products in Toronto Canada with a growing worldwide reputation. The company's philosophy has always been: "We succeed only if the customer is successful" In strict adherence to this philosophy

the company ensures the results of its products are certified and proven with testimonies before they are sold in the World market. Besides this, the company has thousands of letters written by satisfied users of its products all over the world. The company has an ongoing program to develop and add more health care Ayurvedic and natural beauty products to his customer.


Canada office:

Amazon Health Care Inc       

2466, # 12 BEglinton Ave East    
Toronto Ontario  
M1K 5J8  Canada

Tel # 1 416 264 8787